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Entrepreneurs Group Shares Vision & Resources

By Henry Ford

Several weeks ago I was given the opportunity to deliver opening remarks to a group of current and prospective entrepreneurs at our church, Mt. Zion of Oakwood Village.  Our pastor, Rev. Dr. Larry L. Macon Sr. had decided the church should take an active role in developing the skills of what he termed “Budding Entrepreneurs.”  Rev. Macon selected businessman Roger Williams and banking expert Robert Wiley to create and implement a program that would address his vision.


Roger decided that I would be a logical one (who knows why!) to kick-off the initial series of meetings.  I delivered brief comments during the first meeting and the rest is history.  Over the past several weeks, that initial five minute speech has developed into a full-fledged web site at www.faith.successisyou.org that reflects much of the work Roger and Robert have done to bring together resources and share information.  In addition, a LINKEDIN Account has been established to enhance communications between group members.  I believe strongly in documenting and making accessible the results of the intense and sincere efforts shared by participants and supporters of programs such as this.  These two communications tools should greatly benefit the group and its members.


For those currently registered on the site, it is possible to:  1.) locate and network with (blog?) other Budding Entrepreneurs; 2) Discover what other small businesses within the Mt. Zion network are doing and what their business Mission is; 3.) Market your services to both existing and potential Entrepreneurs; 4.) Discover new tools and Association training programs – for instance the Corporate College Training Program in e-Marketing, subject of Week # 3 in the curriculum; and ,5.) Access the Workshop sessions that you may have missed.

For those currently not registered on the www.faith.successisyou.org website, this is your opportunity to do so simply by contacting me at henry@successisyou.org.


Another strong belief I have is to share knowledge, expertise and experience; so working to help bring together a diverse group of entrepreneurs and a diverse group of resources is among the challenges I feed upon.  Roger probably realized this.  I pray and expect the individuals in the group to achieve new personal and professional heights. I am likewise prayerful and hopeful that they will recognize and grasp the concept of the power of association and Social Networking, as Mr. George Fraser expressed in a recent address to our group. 


In just a few short weeks, new ideas have come forth, new connections within and outside the church have formed, new relationships have developed, and prayerfully the Vision has grown and the seeds of passion have been nourished. 


The entrepreneurs group, is as it should be, a work in process.  If you are a member, I and your fellow members look forward to working and growing with you.  If you belong to a church or organization that you feel could benefit from working together in a similar fashion, let me know by e-mailing me at henry@successisyou.org.  For current information about the entrepreneurs group, please visit the web site at www.faith.successisyou.org.

A Big Thank You to Roger Williams who provided input to produce this article.