Holy Week Festival in Seville, Spain



Several times in the past, we’ve brought you news, customs, and photos of events from other parts of the world.  Much of this “armchair traveling” has been courtesy of Maya Edwards, and her sister Deborah.  Of course the inspiration and involvement of parents Albert and Gwen has been an important key to keeping in touch.  First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to the entire Edwards Family for keeping us informed and entertained.


Several weeks ago, Gwen was kind enough to supply us with the link to a live news feed of the Seville Holy Week Festival in Spain.  One of the festival highlights include century old floats carried on the backs of men.


I checked the link at that time and decided it would be a good fit for VISIONS.  As I began to prepare this article, I checked the link a second time and found that the only information I could locate was in Spanish language.  Well, news feeds do change, that’s why they are called feeds.  Fear not, I did a Goggle search and located  www.spanish-fiestas.com/seville/holy-week.htm which can be used by Spanish challenged individuals, me included.


To give you a “flavor” of the celebration, below is a paragraph copied from the above link.


For the 'costaleros' who carry the float it's a once in a lifetime honour to do so as the numbers wishing to be carriers far outnumbers the places available. Heavy rains in 2004 and 2005 caused the cancellation of many processions and grown men were left crying in the streets knowing they would never again get the opportunity to be a 'costalero'.


Because of copyright considerations, we can’t share all the information shown on the site, so hopefully the photos on this page will inspire you to click on the link and check out the entire festival.