Journey Egypt

Adventures with Fannielee Lowe

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Fannielee above left showing how to relax in Egypt


In the past several issues of VISIONS we brought you photos and commentary from Africa.  We were blessed that Rukiya Lee was willing to share thoughts and memories of that special trip with us.  In this issue you will be reminded that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”


The international traveler who contributed to this issue is Fannielee Lowe, Rukiya’s Mom.  Even though the travel bug bit Fannie Lee, she will quickly tell you that she wasn’t into a lot of journaling.  She allowed the trip to be strictly what it was, a vacation.  The lady knows how to live, and we want to give her a big thank you for the tons of photos shared by her and friends.  


So spend some time browsing.  You may just enjoy yourself enough to plan your own trip to Egypt!