Never give up hope!

By:  Willie Johnson, Performance Improvement & Training Consultant


With today’s economic crisis hitting us all, and many losing jobs due to what seems like endless cutbacks, “NEVER” give up hope, of a better day ahead.  Without hope, there can be no future.  Therefore, I challenge you to embrace this thought: “whether in good times or bad times - It’s Possible to Create a Larger Vision for Yourself” because we have greatness within us.


As you are being affected by the current economic crisis, accept your fate while at the same time attempting to influence the outcome with positive thought and action which begins with hope.   This thought alone, brings to mind, a story about Wilma Rudolph.  Wilma Rudolph was born prematurely and spent the majority of her childhood in bed.  She suffered serious bouts of pneumonia, measles, chicken pox and polio, just to name a few of the diseases that plagued her.  Her left leg was so badly affected by these diseases that she had to wear a leg brace.  As you know, many people said she would never be able to walk.  We will never know just how much Wilma Rudolph struggled to finally gain good health; but the whole wide world now knows how strong she became.  You see, Wilma Rudolph was the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field in a single Olympics; breaking records along the way.  WOW!  Just as Wilma Rudolph never gave up hope – of a better day ahead; we likewise, even during these turbulent times, should never give up hope for a better day ahead.  Again, we all have greatness within us.  Therefore, it is possible to create a larger vision for ourselves, regardless of the obstacles that may confront us.  In the words of Author and Inspirational Speaker, Willie Jolley, “A Setback is Only a Setup for a Comeback!”


Never Give Up Hope!  As you are being hit by the current economic crisis, accept your fate with courage, get through it with open eyes, and steadfastly hope for a positive outcome and a brighter tomorrow.