Congratulations Graduates (and parents!)


Once again the time is upon us to celebrate the accomplishments of graduating students, and thank others who help make this day possible.  When you consider the challenges overcome, graduation day is no small accomplishment, but rather it is a GREAT BIG DEAL, and here are some of the reasons why.


Everyone doesn’t make it!  We wish that wasn’t a fact, but the reality is that it isn’t always easy, so understand that as a graduate, you should count yourself as a winner, always, and regardless of what anyone tells you to the contrary.


As graduates you have given much!  You’ve given up “Hot Dates” (you will be glad later!), given up telephone time, given up television time, lost sleep, lost weight or went on an eating binge, fought with your parents, lost friends (probably the phony ones).  You went through all of that to position yourself to make a good living and be an honest and trustworthy adult.  DO NOT give up that hard-earned position by stopping now.  Continue your education or your career goals by maintaining your focus and staying away from losers.


Your parents and others have given much!  Every parent, guardian, other concerned family member, concerned friend and mentor probably has their own list of how you may have tried their last nerve as they helped, encouraged, and possibly even threatened you through school.  Don’t let all the blood, sweat, tears and drama become wasted effort.  Your education has become the foundation for a potentially great future.  It is one of your most valuable assets, and you should treat it accordingly.


SO CONGRATULATIONS to all graduates.  No matter at what level your graduation occurred (from Kindergarten to earning a Doctorate), it is an important stepping stone to a brighter future.  We commend you for your accomplishment and look forward to hearing good things about you in the future.  We want to share your story of success in VISIONS, whether it is the success of graduation, involvement in church or civic activities, a new job or promotion, or a business venture, we want to hear about it.  We need to tell others about your success so that they can be inspired by what you have accomplished, and what you might have overcome.