Expanding our Vision . . . and VISIONS


In the last issue of VISIONS, we shared a story about Shirley Williams, founder of Professionals Winning Across Borders (PWAB).  Every good thing we wrote about Shirley has fallen short of fully conveying the positive impact she has made during our brief professional association.


Since our story about Shirley, she has continued to grow and inspire the membership of PWAB, and has in fact extended her reach beyond that organization.  I am now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can’t write fast enough to keep up with her.  What I have done during the past several weeks is to extend my reach by establishing informal relationships with some members of PWAB and extending VISIONS and INSPIRATIONS to other parts of the world. 


There are many advantages to going “worldwide” and I won’t even pretend to know them all.  I do understand we share the planet with others.  Because what we do impacts the rest of the world, and what the rest of the world does impacts us, we need to develop a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of other cultures.  It makes sense to me that with a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation, we will be able to become personal ambassadors for positive change.  Certainly we will be able to make more informed decisions and possibly expand our products and services.  In addition to our contacts in the United States, we now share information with individuals from Australia, Canada, The Ivory Coast, The Netherlands, Peru, The Philippines, and Portugal.


This can only be good news for VISIONS readers, for in my biased opinion, our goals include looking beyond assumptions, stereotypes and limited vision.  Ideas and input from various cultures can only strengthen the resolve to meet these goals.  In the coming issues, we hope to bring you more information about and from our newly established contacts.  In future issues you will hopefully become more familiar with Jesse Domingo, Dellwyn Oseana, Pietro (Pete) Savo, Agnieszka Souza, Roger Yomba and others.




PWAB is a Global Network of Professionals who are driven to win across borders. Our professionals are dedicated to networking, sharing best practices, tips, techniques, pitfalls, business etiquette when negotiating overseas, mobilizing their diverse organizations to win or building a new career/ business in a new country. We are also dedicated to learning and making contacts about international business opportunities. This is a one-stop shopping “Global Community of Practice” for leaders working outside their home turf. Countries (162) currently represented.